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Welcome to the Trilemma gaming site, featuring illustrated and animated battle reports, as well as some light-weight campaign and terrain-generation rules plus a small but growing gallery of miniatures.

Battletech 3025 in Epic

After playing Warmaster and Epic for a few years, Battletech just seems so slow! I wanted that Battletech old tech nostalgia, but with some rules that let me play a lot faster. So I converted the 3025 mechs to Epic!

Warmaster Battle Report: Nevershall Pass

The third turn in the gta-gaming campaign, and the second battle on Andrew's new hills. This time, the Empire makes an unholy alliance with a band of the Chaos to attack their mutual foe, my High Elves.

As before, we took tripod digital photographs after every phase and animated them, so you can see the battle unfolding exactly as it happened!

Battle Report: The Battle for Slippery Mountain

Andrew and I recently played a great 2,000-point Warmaster game on his new Warzone terrain, featuring a four-level mountain.

Using my digital camera and a small tripod, I took photographs of the table after every phase, and I've assembled them into a series of slide shows animations to accompany the battle report.

Miniatures: Mordor Orcs Painting Contest

I was lucky enough to win a small painting contest at the GW store in Scarborough. The prize was just a poster - not enough to attract anyone really good, but it was a bit of a morale booster as I've never competed before.

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